Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

What is Salafism?

On this theme, students should make a presentation at a vocational school. General education, history ec., Are an important chapter to prepare young people for life. This is required only once a certain amount of education on the part of teachers. I imagine in broad terms in question. The teachers have to teach what they are told by the Minister of Education. What is this nonsense going to see on the educational outcomes of our students. As with the Nazis and in the eastern zone, the youth is abused for political purposes, and fed with ideas which just corresponds to the political winds. With us, it is currently the anti-Islam propaganda. Significantly, this Unit should keep two young Muslims (around 20 years old). What will come of it? Tell them the truth, they are pushed into the terrorist scene. Referencing them to the will of their teachers, they deny Allah and insult Islam. Basically saying: THERE IS NO Salafism! There is the Koran, Islam and the Muslims. Exist as in every religion or belief different groups. These are abundant. Below are Salafists, and the Alevis. Both groups are, even in Islam, controversial and can not be more different. The Alevis (Assat Syria's Alevi), set the Quran very generous and disregard many bids, eg they do not fast. The Salafists live strictly according to the letter of the Koran. The quest for a perfect connection with Allah's ultimate goal. Now I ask JEWS and CHRISTIANS, as that is with you? The written word of the Torah and the Bible is absolute law. Both should not be construed or interpreted. They are untouchable. When the Jews believe the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox to keep the Christians a whole army from champagne. Except for the Amish, the Christians, all other groups and sects of the devil. Before Americans go forth to murder, he prays to Jesus (not God) be murder contract that may be successful. The Orthodox Jews have the attitude that everything must be eradicated Islamic. Is the word and will of God? Certainly not. Jewish and Christian mass murderers are not pushed into the corner Terrorist tables. The rather get the Nobel Peace Prize. I converted after many, many years of testing to Islam because I can not stand this hypocritical Christianity, Judaism and the criminal. Unfortunately I did not manage to fully live by the law of the Koran. To me, the "Christian society" characterized too much and spoiled. But Allah is a kind and loving father. He forgives my imperfection, as long as I am pure in heart. The Salafists and their strive for complete surrender to Allah, earn my highest respect. They fulfill what I should do as a Muslim, but can not. The German ministers of education, I am suggesting to explain to our young citizens, which are neo-Nazis, and how does it happen that something like the NSU attracts impunity for 10 years, murdering around the country.