Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

We want to Integration? Are we capable of integration?

A hot topic, a very hot topic. Considered've long at all to take a stand. I am originally from the Ruhr and'd had as a young man, end of the 60s, the first guest workers from Turkey. I felt sorry for. There were usually people from Anatolia, with little education, who knew only their village, where electricity and water was still a wonder of the world. They did not come voluntarily, but out of necessity and of our Anwerbebüros, they were a completely false image of Germany to learn. So they came in their open simple types was not with the food it started. They had ec bread, cheese. a bundle wrapped in, spread it and ate everything separately. We only knew our sandwiches. They invited a friendly our compatriots to participate in the meal. Disgusted, the Germans turned away. "They eat like pigs." Then they had their Orient cigarettes that were foreign to our noses. Yet another reason to despise them. Housed they were depraved, inhumane barracks. "At home, live in a pigsty." I have experienced it to one first The battle lines hardened over the years more and more so that integration was impossible. During this time the problem began. The problems are of course always continued to grow, because the mutual contempt has grown. Especially in Berlin, a ghetto education is totally missed by the housing policy developed, which is not so easy to break. There are also the ANTI-ISLAM hysteria, because the Muslims are terrorists, yes, and the world want to usurp. However, this applies more to a country across the pond, too. I have no magic solution, but can say that methods a'la Sarrazin are unsuitable. I think we should go to these people. It is a long process, because the error of decades, not to eliminate in a few weeks. Headscarf, burqa are sensitive issues again and again. Our Constitution affords to all people to live freely according to their religion and to practice these. This includes the burqa. American sects, which undergo a brainwashing their victims, build huge malls here. But should a mosque be built, the shouting is huge. I do not understand everything. The efforts that are now underway, but bear good fruit. We need to approach each other, celebrate together, mourn together. We are all human! Let us not forget.