Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

Flood victims left in the Altmark from the state down!

As I have written in my contribution to the fundraiser for the flood victims, it seems to have arrived. Merkel has withdrawn their political show, but the victims are still stuck in the mud.

The promised assistance from the state is not, or inadequate and slow. I had feared. Only the help of donations begins to take hold. Nevertheless, many people still can not return to their homes. That does not happen in East Asia, no, that happens in rich Germany! I can not believe how inhumane acts our government. However, our Finance Minister Schaeuble has no problem to drag a suitcase of € 500 million (500 million!) To Greece to give businesses loans. These establishments have denied in the past, their profits to the state. Now they get money from Papa Schäuble, it steals the German citizens so that the Greeks can continue their ruinous economic policies. The government parties call themselves political parties. As the term says people, for the people! Our governance is by the people as far away as the earth from Mars. The euro is beyond rescue, but our people! Surely it can not voters want as a baggage rules our country (ruined). Basically, we need to rethink. This can not be with plaster heads, this will require new people and new ideas. Citizens! Advantage of the opportunity and sends Merkel and Co in the desert. It is the last chance to bring about change for the benefit of the people. Merkel has to go!