Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Weak, very weak, Mr. President.

This state visit was so unnecessary, such as AIDS. Such a vacuous president, has never set foot on German soil. Despite total isolation, only approved and hand-picked audience, it needs the first time in German history, a wall of bulletproof glass. As with the Nazis and in the ex-GDR, it has brought in Berufsjubler. The coverage was censored and controlled, just like the Nazis and the ex-GDR. All citizens love Obama, not a criticism, simply laughable, who will believe that. Anti-Obama demonstrations were simply weggeschwiegen. Citizen surveys were selected by hand. What Obama has to offer? In desperation, he brings nuclear disarmament in the race. What a farce. Large parts of the U.S. nuclear weapons are obsolete. There is no money to modernize them. They only cut the U.S. budget. Putin has distanced himself justly. Mr. Putin does not make sense and trade, in which he is a loser. In addition, contracts are not worth the paper with the United States on which they are printed. The summit is probably the planned free trade zone. Who wants to have muck the U.S.? Not even the Americans! Europe is then subjected once more to the U.S. dictatorship. genetically modified foods, safety standards from the Middle Ages, all that is before us. America is hard to defend its standards, then we will have to convert measures in U.S.. I am confident that this madness does not come to pass.