Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

I love the Turks and Turkey.

It saddens me and scares me when I have to see the development in Turkey. Turks I call my friends, only in contrast to the policy, I will not tell my friends. Promptly notify Merkel and Westerwelle and "admonish". By what right? In Germany, Erdogan, IM Erika Merkel called. Can sue for human rights is only when one respects human rights itself. Germany should just keep his mouth shut, but the Constitution and the human rights of Merkel and Co, is trampled underfoot. Just make something more elegant. I pray for my Turkish friends, this terrible chapter coming to an end. I admire the courage and determination of the Turkish citizens. Had the Germans only a fraction of that courage would run something else in Germany. My thoughts are with you, and I suffer with you. May Allah pour wisdom about the powerful, otherwise Turkey will suffer a loss that will never be repaired.