Sonntag, 15. September 2013

U.S. defeat against Syria lied to victory rightly so!

Yes, so as that the U.S. finally has its policy of aggression can not prevail and presents itself as a insolent and arrogant winner. Preventing an assassination attempt on Syria is due to the oh -so-great Secretary of State John Kerry. In his arrogance , cynicism , arrogance and stupidity, he gave an answer that was not intended and politically undesirable. On the question of how Syria could avoid a raid by the United States, he replied that an assassination attempt was only to prevent Syria when his C potential weapons lay open and subject to international control . But that will not happen . Now Mr. Kerry ! They have made in their unbridled arrogance reckoned without his host ! Russia has immediately switched and the U.S. nailed . Syria now occurs even when the C arms agreements . What a disgrace for Kerry and his boss Hussein Obama . Who is John Kerry ? Easy. A killer protected by the state . Kerry was instrumental in helping to not get caught Vietnam soldiers back to the U.S. , but they deliver the torture and captivity . It has been proven today that the U.S. soldiers were present clear signs of life captured in Laos and the former Soviet Union. Kerry has suppressed this information to the people , thus preventing soldiers who have given their lives for the United States criminal world , to lead back home . It is not to say that war veterans languish in the U.S. , are the social marginalization , as far as they are instructed by poisoning and injuries on the help of the state. Another proof that the U.S. is a pathetic state of injustice . And now they pull back the power position in the Syria issue , per se . By what right ! ? For me it is not clear why only Russia and the U.S. have agreed to anything. Europe and China are also affected . They are excluded from the negotiations. That's an outrage! The entire UN is a farce. Is it democratic when only a few states determine what is to be done ? This is an insidious power of dictatorship ! As usual, in a democracy , every state should have one vote. Sanctions and resolutions should be adopted only with a 2/3 majority. The most undemocratic country in the world , the U.S., determine life and death , want to impose their wrong beings around the world. I am pleased to see that the U.S. has more enemies in the world. There are not enough !