Montag, 2. September 2013

King of lies and intrigues, Hussein Obama, absorbs the tail.

Yes why the well? Except France and England, all law-abiding states oppose the traitor to Islam, B. Hussein Obama. Devilish Hussein, one can indeed deny Islam, but Muslim You stay by your birth, despite the. The hell you sure, because you not only deny God, but Allah also mordest children! Russia's Putin rightly requires clear evidence. The United States can not deliver, because just like the war in Iraq is all lied and constructed. The U.S. does not believe a reasonable person only 1 word. The United States adheres to any treaties or laws. Even the treaties with the Indians were broken. Instead of fulfilling contracts, the rightful owners of America were slaughtered murderous. This is the United States. The great Washington was the largest slave owner ever, we deliberately falsified history. I say again, and I am convinced that the United States has caused the poison gas attack. Why does Mr. Putin at his doubts, as China? Even that I have an answer. Mr. Putin's secret service is extremely effective. His intelligence is much competent, as the CIA. In Syria, Russia can determine the truth better than any UN specialists. Putin knows that the U.S. are war criminals. As he is determined to show that another warship was ordered to the eastern Mediterranean. France and UK are increasingly being puppets of the U.S.. The English House has clearly made ​​the insane Cameron in his place. A lucky. Now Hollande steps into the breach. Paris wants to present evidence against Assat. As you get a fit of laughter! The U.S. does not believe it, France does not become more credible. You can submit the fake CIA propaganda at best. All this is so transparent that an idiot has to remember that.