Montag, 5. August 2013

Worldwide terror alert ... a joke!

Now the shameful USA again needed an alibi for their crimes. When will now begin the next major offensive against states that do not dance just as the U.S. wants that? Of course, once again, the fight against terrorism is a priority. There is no terrorism! That which is so called from the "western world", refers to freedom fighters who want a world without the United States criminal world and Israel. It should all the nations of the world community will be happy when the world is cleansed of this filth. The 11.9. is for me a holiday, with fireworks and champagne. Who is it really still believe the U.S. administration? This pack consists of lies, murder and secret societies. No country in the world needs to fear the wrath of Allah, so far they do not belong to U.S. criminal gang. God is a just God and Jihad is a just cause. Unfortunately, he is only abused repeatedly. The United States is the world's terrorists and Israel always an excuse to discredit jihadis as terrorists. When mankind understands what the U.S. and Israel for a Pestgeschwür on the body in the world?