Dienstag, 27. August 2013

USA, UK, France - The Axis of Evil.

It has been amazed me that it took so long to the world terrorist United States intervenes in Syria. As the war in Iraq, a reason will be deemed to justify the U.S. murder again. Many living in Syria Assat intellectual opponents and internationally recognized political scientists are firmly of the opinion that the poison gas attack is carried out by Assat. Makes sense because Assat is not so stupid to provoke the intervention of the United States. Rather, I believe that the rebels, instigated and supported by the U.S., have organized this mess. Libya and Iraq are not comparable with Syria. Syria has advanced weapons technology. Hopefully, the United States finally get something right once again lying mouth. Without the support of friendly countries Syria still fighting a losing battle. You can only inflict painful wounds the USA. Thus, the American murder fueled, and we have a conflict that is not manageable. The fear of a conflagration in the region, is not unfounded. In the spirit of the United States. Their war operations have led to a destabilization everywhere, murder and manslaughter. The goal? The Muslims will slaughter each other. Why brother fights against brother, will always remain a mystery to me. The Islamic world should unite their efforts to make the U.S. aggressor an end. Oil should only deliver to countries that are not on the U.S. payroll. Very quickly, many states would adopt from NATO and the U.S. outlaw. The United States can not lead the war against the whole world. Hopefully, Russia, China and Iran, Syria is at.