Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Poison gas in Syrian rebels, how?

As I have reported, I think the United States for the actual initiator of the use of poison gas in Syria. To any group in Syria to allow support to, there are excellent options. Turkey. As a slave to the U.S. NATO dictatorship, they have little opportunity to escape from the U.S. terrorism. For the U.S., international law is a foreign word, which demonstrate the many violations of international law. As well as Turkey is not even asked if the U.S. abused Turkish territory for their interests. It's a breeze to provide from Turkey, poison gas or other weapons to Syrian rebels. With conventional weapons, the United States holds back. The only one reason. It would be very quickly detected when the Syrian rebels would get modern weapons where they originate. Otherwise it is a single action, such as the delivery of a poison gas bomb at. Would have taken the step Assat a poison gas attack, it would not have been that unique attack. Assat know that the United States would intervene. He had nothing to lose, because if one attack or 100, the result would be the same. Why should he hold back then? I see this as a contradiction unausräumbaren. Is different with a geziehlt scale provocation. Even in the United States criminal world it is difficult to larger quotas poison gas to supply to the rebels, or she would make the merciless. That is a U.S. controlled provocation, even beiweißt that the U.S. whistles on the UN and has decided not to mandate a raid on Syria. Why do we need all these institutions if the world Terrorist U.S. flouts them? Of course, England and France are at the ready. A shame for Europe! The EU has also sensually yet received the Nobel Peace Prize. In awarding the Nobel Prize Commission practice, it is of course an incentive to murder and plunder.